About Us

THREE HILLS PARTNERS, LLC (“THREE HILLS”) was established to make investments in alternative asset classes.

Alternative assets are non-traditional in nature, meaning that they fall outside the traditional stock, bond, and real estate markets or any associated strategies therewith.  Moreover, they are not readily followed or understood by traditional money managers or banking institutions.  Without significant attention from traditional financing institutions, alternative asset classes persist as fragmented markets.

THREE HILLS has specialized knowledge and technical expertise in alternative assets.  Based on its history of alternative asset investing, THREE HILLS believes it can make investments that generate higher returns than traditional investments without sacrificing the credit quality or the secured nature of the investments.

THREE HILLS created THREE HILLS-SECURED INCOME FUND, LLC (“Fund”) for the purpose of making investments in various alternative classes of secured assets that are designed to generate income while preserving principal.  In general, the Fund will structure its investments in the form of secured loans collateralized by cash flow assets.  In some circumstances, the Fund may make outright purchases of the assets.

The Fund will seek investment opportunities with low risk profiles, significant overcollateralization, secured by highly rated obligors and/or readily identifiable and valued assets.   The Fund expects the investments to be short-term (1-3 years) on a granular basis.

The Fund will focus on alternative asset classes in which the Manager has expertise.  Examples of the types of asset classes the Fund will seek to make investments in include structured settlements, tax liens, court adjudicated proceeds, professional sports contracts, insurance commissions, and warranty contracts. The Fund expects to consider, and make investments in, a wide range of other related alternative asset classes on an opportunistic basis.